Rain and Gloom

Ok, so lots of posts and stories and then….  nothing.  See?  That’s what happens when all of a sudden I have work to do, we have tons of visitors and school is about to start up again.  I do lots of cooking but then don’t take photos.  Or I do lots of throw it together out of what we have and, again, don’t take photos.  The last few nights I’ve had a quiche, a frittata and then last night I actually cooked, but didn’t remember to take photos.  Maybe because I was balancing the baby on one hip as I did it.

Plus, it’s been downright yucky here.  Cold, rainy, gray…  just not nice.  It’s been reminding me that school is truly right around the corner and that I’ll have to be pulling out the crock pot and putting away the grill.  Not my favorite time of year.  I mean, I love fall because it gets cooler and crisper and I look good in sweaters but I hate saying goodbye to the carefree sunny days of summer.  Less fresh fruit and veg, more stews and soups.  It’s an even trade-off and I love the variety but, in the end, change is hard, right?

Anyway, no big story behind what I made (and did not photograph), it’s a recipe from The Hungry Hippo which she got from somewhere else.  It was perfect food for the unseasonable weather that has befallen the Boston area– just hardy enough to hint at fall (as I was making it I was thinking of all the yummy soups I can make in just a few weeks) but not so heavy that it means summer is truly over.  (Which it’s not- after several days of gloom, rain and chilly temperatures, it’s sunny and cloud-less today)

So I leave you with a link to the delicious Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili over on the Hippo’s Blog, The Hungry Hippo.  I like mine topped with cheese and a little dab of sour cream.  Thus, making it unhealthy.  Leave those out if you’re watching your figure.

Up in the coming weeks?  Rosh Hashanah.  And believe you me, that’s a meal I’ll photograph!

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