Friends ‘Til The End

Do you have a friend or two that you’ve known forever and that you don’t talk to all the time but that, when you do see them, it’s as though no time has passed?  I’m lucky enough to have a few close friends like this and was even luckier to be able to spend this last weekend with one of them.

I’ve known S. since we were in the second grade.  The story (which is now family legend) goes like this:  my parents had just separated and I was starting in a new school.  I was extremely nervous about making friends so my mom told me, “Just turn to the person sitting next to you and say, “Hi, my name is {StellaCarolyn}, what’s yours?”   I practiced this as she drove me to school, I practiced this in my head as we found my classroom and my cubby.  I practiced it, whispering it to myself as my mother left the room, flashing me a quick thumbs up as she did.  Plucking up my courage, I turned to the girl sitting next to me who was pretty with brown hair and glasses.  “Hi,” I said, shakily, “My name is {StellaCarolyn}, what’s yours?”

She burst into tears.

We’ve been friends ever since.  That’s something like 26 years, a million phone calls and ten billion laughs.  We were the maids (matrons?) of honor at each other’s weddings, we’ve swapped clothes, boys and recipes.  There’s just about nothing we won’t talk about or share with each other.  She’s one of maybe three women I would trust to raise my child if something happened to me.  It’s just an amazing, amazing friendship.

So, this weekend we spent some “girl” time together- the two of us and our daughters.  In her case, it was her younger daughter.  We laughed, analyzed everything (from our marriages, to child rearing to facebook) and, of course, cooked.  Well, she cooked, I watched.  She lives a few hours away and has a huge garden.  She’s also the healthiest, most athletic person I know (She just came in first in her age group in a triathlon!).  I joke that she makes the people around her healthier just by breathing near them.  So we had some really healthy food.  We introduced her one year old to quinoa and my six month old to cheerios.  Everyone ate well.

Of course, I didn’t take any photos of it.  Nor did I cook any of it so I can’t give you recipes.  I will tell you what we ate and that I’m going to attempt some of these dishes at home.  We had lemon garlic grilled chicken (which was really just chicken marinated with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic and then tossed on the grill), a tomato, green bean, salty cheese salad with olives (which was so. good.  I will be trying this again soon.) and quinoa salad with herbs and corn.  I’m going to try that one at home, too, since I know that quinoa is really, really good for you and I rarely like it.  I liked it the way S. made it.

She also sent me home with a zillion pounds of produce from her garden- tomatos, cherry tomatos, butternut squash, a red pepper, broccoli…  I’ve blanched and frozen a bunch of the broccoli to use later on in the winter when I’m craving green.  I used some of the tomatos and some of the pepper to make a deep, rich tomato sauce part of which I then put on pizza (one of which was topped with the rest of the pepper and another which was topped with the cherry tomatos) and am saving to use later in the week for pasta.  Basically, I have lots of recipes to share with you from her produce, just not tonight.

Tonight, I leave you with photos of the trees up her way, which are just starting to turn.  Fall is just around the corner….

P.S.  There actually IS a hidden recipe in here….  did you spot it?

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