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Reading The Hippo’s latest post got me thinking about my grandmother and her style of meals.  She certainly had a wide repertoire, ranging from superfancy (classic French) to superquick (baked filet of sole).  I’m not sure how she went about planning her meals.  I don’t know if she planned by the week or day by day or what.  And sadly, she passed away before I could ask her (actually, as I get older I think of so many things I never got to ask her.  It sucks.).

I meal plan by the week.  At the end of each week, I look at the weather for the coming week and make my meal decisions based on that.  Strange?  Maybe.  But I don’t want to be eating chili when it’s 90 degrees outside nor do I want to be eating iceberg lettuce when it’s minus six and snowing.  So we have a little whiteboard on the fridge and on it I write the weather and the meal I’m planning for dinner. I compare it to my work/school calendar and plan accordingly.  That is, if I have a meeting until 4:30, I make sure not to plan a highly complicated meal.   I tend to use leftovers for lunches and at least one night a week we have leftovers for dinner (I hate wasting food).

In the summer, I go to the Farmer’s Market and then meal plan.  During the other seasons I plan on Friday nights or Saturday mornings so that I can do my food shopping on Saturdays.  During the school year, I cook as much as I can on Sundays so that I’m mostly filling in during the week after work.  It all sounds so organized when I write it out this way but I’m not sure it really is.

Anyway, I have a few go-to dishes that I make and will likely post about here at some point.  I think my grandmother did as well, since there are a few meals she made that I can remember having often- dijon lamb, baked sole, salad, various kinds of chicken, salmon…. Part of my wanting to write this blog was to re-capture those meals.  I spent some time this past weekend, organizing Grandma’s recipe box and am excited to make all of her dishes again.

So what have I been making lately?  Lots of BLT’s- there’s been an abundance of wonderful tomatos this year and with this bread recipe (or this one, if I remember the night before) it’s been a no-brainer.  Though, I have switched to turkey bacon within the last few weeks in a lame attempt to be healthier.  I often make shashushka which I learned from one of my Israeli cousins and while I’ve made it at least three times since starting this blog, I keep forgetting to photograph the final product.  I make chicken burgers and turkey meatloaf pretty often.  I have photos of them but haven’t written out the recipes yet.

Our meal plan. Note the milk count in the bottom right corner- we have to have several gallons of milk on hand as my husband drinks milk until, well, the cows come home looking for him. This is how we keep track- the number of gallons that are in our basement fridge.

So what are we eating this week?  As you can see, it was BLT’s tonight.  Last night it was fresh bread (the rest of which went into the BLTs today) and butternut squash soup (made with a squash from my BFF’s garden in NH).  Tomorrow it’s going to be sort of cold so I’m making chicken chili.  I’ll use the tomatos from my father-in-law’s garden (two of them went into the BLTs tonight) along with some canned beans and canned tomatos.  I have some delicata squash leftover from last week so I’ll be making squash risotto on Wednesday night- it’s quicker than it sounds- and Thursday night is a Grandma recipe- cheese blintzes.  Friday is a fish night (see my last post) so I’m making salmon and some sort of green vegetable.  Saturday I’ll check the weather, my calendar and my freezer and start planning again.

So coming up for the blog?  A grandma recipe for blintzes and maybe the delicata squash risotto recipe.  That’s my goal-here’s hoping!

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