The Best Laid Plans

Yeh, I had such lofty goals for this week.  But not so much did I meet them.  I did make the squash risotto and it was delicious but, alas, I forgot to photograph it.  Possibly because while I was making it I was simultaneously cooking, talking to my daughter, cleaning the kitchen, defrosting said daughter’s dinner and listening to NPR.  So no photo.

And I was totally going to make blintzes tonight so that I could post about them and my Uncle Paul (they’re his favorite thing that his grandmother- Mama- made).  After work, I spent the afternoon picking up my “adopted” brother from the hospital (he’d had day surgery on his foot), taking him and the baby to lunch, helping him get settled and then going to Target to get a few things I needed.  By the time we got home, I was all done.  Plus, the husband called to say that he’s staying late at school so it’s really just me for dinner.  So I had leftovers.  The baby will be having sweet potato (today she’s already had peas, yogurt, cheerios and kashi heart to heart cereal.  She’s a good eater.).

But fear not, I will not deprive you of a recipe.  It just won’t be my own.  Wander over to Lady Gouda and read all about her acorn squash risotto which is similar, though not exactly the same as mine.

And just to leave you with a photo, here’s the cutest baby in the entire world.


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