Epic Cake Fail

So my husband had a bad day today.  In fact, he’s had a bad few days recently.  Adding up to a pretty bad month.  Stress with work, school and various car issues have made it difficult for him to maintain his cool.  Today was particularly bad in that he locked his keys in his truck while it was running after already feeling stressed out about finishing a paper and getting to school.

I decided to make him a cake to help him feel better.  Especially since the dinner I made was not one of his favorites (chana masala which I will post about soon).  I wandered over to the Hungry Hippo because I remembered a birthday cake recipe.  All was going well until I got to the part about greasing and flouring the pans.  “Eh,” I thought to myself, flippantly, “I’ll just spray ’em with Pam. I won’t bother flouring or using parchment paper.  That’ll be fine.”

Alas, fine it was not.  The cakes stuck and could not be unstuck successfully.  So in the end my husband had a pile of cake with frosting.  It tasted good but wasn’t so pretty.

Oh, I can hear you saying, “It’s not so bad…. a little messy but not that bad.”   Yes, it was That Bad:

See?  It’s just piles of cake bits with some frosting applied not-so-carefully with my fingers.

Oh well, sometimes life is like that.  Even in Australia.

The moral of the story? If you make the Hippo’s cake, follow her directions.  Don’t try to be all independent and special.  The Hippo knows of what she speaks.  Do as she says.

4 thoughts on “Epic Cake Fail

    • See, it didn’t so much slice as it just…was. We ended up just taking forks to it. It was pretty good, just not, well, pretty….

  1. Oh honey, I am so sorry! I should admit though, I’ve never had to make that cake myself. My mother makes it every year. So my mother knows of what she speaks. Me? I’m still just your blundering friend.

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