I think you should be able to use food to celebrate things.  I think you should be allowed to play with your food.  I think there’s no better holiday for that than Halloween.  That said, here are some Halloween foods for you to try (links to the recipes below the photos).

Ok, ok, the longer story behind this is that last Halloween I was pregnant.  I hadn’t been nesting like everyone said I would- I wasn’t cleaning more, I wasn’t decorating the baby’s room (we’re Jewish, we don’t tempt fate like that), I wasn’t knitting or sewing or anything domestic.  But I was cooking.  And I decided that what I HAD to do was make a Halloween meal.  I searched epicurious.com and other sites to find the best Halloween-themed food I could.  I was determined to have an actual meal- veggie, protein, starch, dessert.  This is what we had.  (To be honest, I can’t wait for the baby to be old enough to appreciate stuff like this!!!)

Eyeball Cupcakes (toothpicks come in handy for carefully applying the bloodshot part)

EyeBall Cupcakes here. Full disclosure?  I used both boxed cake mix and canned frosting for these- I was in it for the decorating, not the baking.  They were fabulous.  Really.

Haunted Ghostly Potatos

Ghostly Potatos here. I couldn’t get over how cute these guys were.  I almost didn’t want to eat them.  But, then again, they were potatos and my love for mashed potatos is well documented here and elsewhere.  In the end, they were dinner.  But I did feel a little badly about it.  The perils of making cute food!

Green Gruel With Eyeballs (it was actually really tasty!)

Green Gruel here.  Note:  for this one the recipe suggests hard-boiled eggs for the eyes.  I thought the idea of an egg with broccoli was revolting and instead used fresh mozzerella, which was far more appealing to me.

Mummified Meatloaf (I thought he was kind of cute)

Yummy Mummy Meatloaf here.

Start planning your Halloween meal now!!!

7 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. I’m still bitter I missed that meal. Although I have to say I also would have a hard time eating cute food.

    I saw the most adorable drinks in Martha Stewart’s KIDS magazine one year. You paint the inside of some glasses with ghostly faces using melted chocolate, let it harden and then fill them up with vanilla shakes.

  2. Love the milkshake idea! Maybe when the babe is a bit older we’ll try that one. and I, too, am looking forward to Halloween meals with you Mrs. N…someday….

    thanks Carol Ann- I think if it’s not fun, it’s not really worth it!

  3. PLW- I think the eyeballs were lifesaver gummies, a mini chocolate chip and red (well, pink) frosting applied with a toothpick.

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