Too Lazy To Cook

So, I don’t know what my grandmother did when she didn’t feel like cooking.  Actually, no, wait, I do.  She used to say that going out to dinner trumped cooking every time, that there was nothing that couldn’t be put into the fridge for tomorrow.  If she was in the midst of making dinner and someone called to invite her out, she’d immediately put the dinner into the fridge and be ready to go.

Sadly, we can’t afford that right now.  WIth the husband back in school for a career change and a new baby around the house, we don’t eat out that often anymore.  So when I came home tonight, tired and not in the mood to cook anything what was I do to?  Before baby, I would have had cereal and made my husband fend for himself.  Now, I feel that need to have a “real” dinner, at least until the baby is old enough to pick her own cereal.

So I took a quart of chicken soup out of the freezer.  It’s been in there a looooooong time.  I can’t remember when I made it and I know I haven’t made soup since the baby was born so it’s at least 8 months old.  As it was heating, I realized that I wanted something more substantial than soup.  I considered matzo balls but decided there wasn’t enough soup.  I considered dumplings but then realized what I wanted were biscuits.  Which meant chicken pot pie.

So I chopped up a half an onion and three cloves of garlic and let them soften in some butter and olive oil.  Probably about 3 tablespoons of butter and 1 tablespoon of oil.  I sprinkled about a half a cup of flour over that and whisked it around to cook it a bit.  I added about a quarter cup of sherry to deglaze the pan and to start the sauce.  I put in about a cup (maybe two) of chicken broth and whisked that around and then dumped in the soup I had taken out of the freezer (I heated it to defrost it first).  I tasted for seasoning, added salt and pepper and a little bit of chicken bouillon and then threw in some leftover peas that were hanging out in the fridge.  I also had some heavy cream that needed using up so I threw in about a quarter cup of that, too.  This is what came of it:


It's sort of a thick soup, thin stew.


I mixed up these biscuits in the food processor.  I sort of patted them out, didn’t bother rolling (remember I was feeling too lazy to cook?!)

Since it was just Halloween and I was feeling whimsical, I cut them out into pumpkin shapes and dropped them on top of my improvised stew.

I brushed them with a bit of buttermilk and then threw it all in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until they were nice and brown and the soup/stew was nice and bubbly.

So that’s what I make when I’m too lazy to cook.  Your freezer is your friend.  Someday, I’ll write a post all about our downstairs freezer and all the goodies it holds….

And just so you know?  I was too lazy to even walk upstairs to get my camera.  All photos brought to you courtesy of my iphone.

6 thoughts on “Too Lazy To Cook

  1. iPhone cameras are awesome. Your not-in-the-mood-to-cook dinner looks awesome, too! So, I can throw biscuits on top of soupy stew and it will turn out like this? Cool! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anyone who makes chicken pot pie as their lazy dinner is no friend of mine.

    My lazy dinner – I told R to cook.

    Also, I will be having chicken pot pie later this week, it was already scheduled I’m not just copycatting.

  3. Great idea, and one I have resorted to on occasion – except I would not have used biscuits (although I do like them). I would have made dumplings like my mother did. She never measured or anything, she simply used chicken fat, skimmed from the soup or broth, and mixed it with flour. After the right consistency, she rolled it out very thin (or patted it, if you prefer!), cut them in squares and dropped them one by one into the boiling soup/broth. These cooked up so tender, and also served to thicken the soup a bit. Wonderful! As a matter of fact, maybe I’ll go cook some of those up!

    You’ve got my taste buds stimulated and my mouth watering. . .Thanks a heap! 😀 I will confess, however, that when I am feeling lazy and tired (more and more frequently these days), I always have on hand the frozen “Smart Ones” in our freezer. They are surprisingly good, portion controlled, and my husband really likes them! I get them on sale, and have a couple of favorites – especially the Mexican-inspired ones. I’m never able togo to a Mexican restaurant, because my husband abhors Mexican food. I LOVE IT! So, unless I’m alone, or one of our sons takes me out without Hubs, I don’t get it very often, and two of the Smart Ones are pretty good.

    No, they don’t equal home cooking, but when you are tired, they are delicious! And less work even than your chicken pie! Thanks goodness for microwaves!


  4. Mrs. N, is this the break in our relationship??? The soup was already made, I’m just sayin’….

    Carol Ann, yes, though if the soup isn’t thick enough the biscuits will sink so you may be better off using Paula’s trick of dumplings.

    Paula, I love dumplings as well but was in a more bready kind of mood last night. I’ll have to look into the frozen dinners- I haven’t had them since I was a kid and they had those Swansan’s TV dinners.

  5. All frozen meals are not equal. We’ve found that the Smart Ones (by Weight Watchers) are the very best of the lot. Amazing variety! Their pizzas are the best of any frozen pizzas, with a nice crisp crust, a very satisfying amount, and delicious! Also, their “flat bread” sandwiches are good, as well as many other of their offerings. Like I said, they beat cooking some nights (and are great for lunch, too!), reasonably healthy, except for sodium content sometimes, and easy clean-up! Just recycle the plastic tray and wash your fork! 😀

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