Festival of Lights, Night 6

We’ve now moved on to the dessert portion of the Chanukah dinner.  The traditional dessert is sufganiyot, which is- say it with me now- cooked in oil.  Each year I have ambitions of making it and never have.  This year was no different.  I wanted to go simple.  I wasn’t sure how long the baby would sleep so I tried to keep things quick and easy.  It was a good plan.

So, tonight, I give you the recipe for some delicious caramel sauce.  I used this one so I won’t re-write it here but I will give you some photos and tips.  Combine the sugar and the water in a saucepan and do not, really, I’m not kidding, do not shake or stir it.  If you do, it will crystallize and things will go all wrong when you add the cream.  Anyway, just let it sit.  It will boil and the sugar will melt into the water and it will start to brown.  Keep cooking it until it browns up and starts to look like very thin caramel.  Add the cream off the heat and stir until it’s smooth.  It’ll bubble up quite a bit and again when you add the vanilla.  You should actually let yours brown up longer than this since mine ended up more yellow than golden brown.

Serve over ice cream or cake or in milk or, you know, just eat with a spoon.

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