Halfway There

The demolition of the counter cabinets has been done and has left me with a great deal more counter space.

The shelves are up and loaded.

Now I’m just waiting for the appliances to come in and be installed.  Hopefully soon…

Tomorrow we’re celebrating G’s birthday!  I’m trying to make a shopping list now so that I can spend tonight making her cake(s).  I’m planning chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles as well as a yellow cake with mini-chocolate chips and milk chocolate frosting.  We’ll see how it goes.


4 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. Seriously, it’s like your house is in Alice in Wonderland. So upsetting.

    However, I LOVE how bright it is with everything away from the windows and the shelves are awesome. You did a very nice job of arranging them so they’re cute.

  2. Backwards because I used the laptop’s built in camera to take the photo. I was too lazy to go upstairs and get my camera or phone….

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