Oh. So. Excited.

Remember how I wrote about Ms. Lora Brody, author of Growing Up On The Chocolate Diet?  (If you don’t, click here.)  Anyway, I had emailed her years ago and she’d replied with a very nice email.  After making her Chocolate Initation Cake for my daughter’s first birthday, I emailed her again.  She replied!!!!  A really, really nice email which mentioned my grandmother AND she liked my blog!!!  OMG!  Someone famous has read here!!!!  This will make me smile for the rest of the day.  Or the week.  Or really, my life!


My stovetop and oven(s) installation is scheduled!  April 12th, baby!  Stay tuned for photos… Oh, I can’t wait!  Just in time for both Passover and a Middle-Eastern Themed dinner party.  Whoo-hoo!!!

Is it wrong to be this excited?


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Absolutely NOT! Enjoy and jump up and down and cheer and do a dance! It is fun when everything gets finished. We have redone a kitchen before (completely gutted and redone from floor to ceiling!).

    I’ve had a really great thing happen to me fairly recently (in addition to some sasd things), and I will be blogging about it later this week, probably.

    Neat about the e-mail! I know how that feels! I once got a personal note from President Carter!

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