So, the good news is that I have two new working ovens.  And a working stovetop.

The casualties?  My silverware drawer is no more.  My shelf under the stove is also gone.  And there’s a big hole next to the new stovetop.  But, you know, I have new ovens and a stovetop!!!

The new ovens. So pretty!

The new stovetop:

So sleek! So clean! So smooth!

I was also supposed to have an induction burner to the right of the stovetop.  However, it didn’t fit.  Not sure where the mix-up there was- I suspect with the saleswoman who ordered it- a professional measured it and sent those measurements to the store so who knows?  Anyway, I’m going to return that burner and hopefully buy a freestanding one.  The installer guy- who was fantastic by the way, if you’re in my area, I highly recommend them. Click here.- is going to come back with a stainless steel panel to put over the hole.  Maybe not by Monday, which is Passover, but soon.  As soon as I can get the freestanding burner, in fact.

An aeriel view of the stove and hole.


And this is what my kitchen looked like after they left.  It took me about an hour to get it back to rights.

So much stuff. SO much stuff.


So far I’ve tried to open the now non-existent silverware drawer five times.  I’ll get used to it eventually.  I hope.

Ok, thanks to my mother, who is just fantastic, I am now ready for Passover.

Bring it.


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