In theory, this time tomorrow, I should have a new kitchen.  Based on our plans, tomorrow I will be cooking dinner on a brand new stovetop and baking something yummy in the brand new ovens.

Of course, we all know about the best laid plans, right?  (I think it says something about my last few weeks that even though the installer has called to confirm that he will be here tomorrow between 10 and 2, even though he has been here once already to measure and scope out the details, even though he says it should be no problem, I still don’t think it will go smoothly and I fear that tomorrow night I’ll be telling you all about how I have NOTHING to cook on for the foreseeable future!)

I must also point out that I am somewhat sad at the demise of my current stove/ovens.  Keep in mind that I am also the one who cried uncontrollably after dropping off my old car and picking up my new one that I loved.  What can I say?  I find change hard.  I get attached to things.  Anyway, the sadness is how I always feel when I change something in this house- it’s no longer the thing(s) my grandparents used.  These ovens, this stovetop, these are the things my grandmother chose for HER kitchen.  They were top of the line when they were installed 30+ years ago and the number of meals, events and parties that came out of them are too many to count.  The new stuff won’t have been touched by Grandma’s hands, were never used by her.  So while I am excited for the new, I am mourning a little bit the loss of the old.

Anyway, in an attempt  to keep the faith, here’s the before.

Old ovens. Upper one doesn't heat and lower one is temperamental at best.

And this:

The stove- burners to the right don't work at all, middle ones work and the ones on the left work intermittently.

So, cross your fingers that it all works and I’m back here tonight with the after photos.  Because, really, I have Passover next week- and right now we’re at about 20 people.  There’s no way a crockpot, microwave and rice cooker are going to feed that crowd!!



2 thoughts on “Before

  1. Stella, I am so happy and excited for you! I know what you have been going through. When we bought our farmhouse 5 years ago (it was built in 1900), we had to completely gut the kitchen and start from scratch. It was fun – fortunately we weren’t yet living in the house), but it was a lot of work with a few headaches thrown in!

    When we were restoring and remodeling the entire house, we pulled out one of our favorite movies to watch over and over again. I recommend it to you as I think you might enjoy it as much as we do – called “The Money Pit,” starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. It is pure slapstick, but oh, so funny, and you can identify with it completely if you have ever undertaken any sort of remodeling or building project! The key phrase of the movie – and we have used it over and over -is “two weeks.” That’s the magical time period in which every project will be completed. . .RIIIIGHT!

    Anyway, i look forward to seeing photos of your brand new kitchen. I also wish you and your family a wonderful, joyous Passover and a Holy time of remembrance that we all as Christians and Jews share.

    I wish you Peace, Shalom, and of course, enough. . .

  2. Paula, I love The Money Pit and “two weeks” is a catch phrase around here as well! The farmhouse sounds beautiful. Thank you and peace right back at you.

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