Crowded With Unexpected Joys

Many years ago, when I graduated with my doctorate, my mother bought me a bench on Commonwealth Avenue, near where she lives.  The plaque next to it says, “May your life be crowded with unexpected joys.”  I love that dedication and I have a photograph of the plaque itself on my dresser.  Today, on my 35th birthday, I am reminded of this tenfold.

My life is crowded with unexpected joys:  my family and friends who have texted, called, facebooked and otherwise gotten in touch to wish me a happy birthday.

My daughter, who brings me more joy each day than any living person deserves to have in an entire lifetime.

My husband, who bought me two cakes and a cupcake as well as chocolates.

The client and her mother that I met for the first time today, to do some testing, who knew it was my birthday due to a passing comment and who brought me cupcakes.

So, no recipe today (I don’t cook on my birthday, unless I want to), just a whole lot of grateful for what I have. 


3 thoughts on “Crowded With Unexpected Joys

  1. How wonderful that you know and appreciate the abundance of enough. . .!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many, many more, and may every coming be year filled with just enough trouble to make all those joys even more wonderful. L’Chayim!

  2. Thank you Paula- I did learn to appreciate the concept of enough a few years ago and it’s changed my life!

    Carol Ann, thank you for the birthday wishes and the compliment- I think she’s gorgeous but I’m also biased since I made her….

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