Please Hold

I know I keep saying this but, I promise, promise, promise to be more regular about posting in just another week or two. Currently I’m finishing up the school year, searching for a more full-time job, moving furniture around our house and assorted other things, both major and minor, that are taking up time.

So we’re eating salad. Or falafel. Or frozen soup. By which, I don’t mean that we eat it frozen.  We heat it first.

So please hang in with me- in about 13 short weekdays I’ll have a more free schedule which I hope will lead back to Grandma’s recipe box and more family stories.  Until then, remember, you are very important to me.  Please hold. 

3 thoughts on “Please Hold

  1. I love reading your posts, but I promise no complaints from me – I know what you are going through!

    You know there is a wonderful cold soup for the summer. You don’t eat it frozen, but at least after you make it, you don’t have to cook it! My favorite: Gazpacho!

  2. Darling, I’ve got nothing on offer but mushy quiche round my way, so I’m not doing much better than you are. What is it, two more weeks? Two more weeks? We can do it.

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