Food Preferences

I sometimes think that I have a food file cabinet in my mind.  In it, there are folders for each of my friends and family for whom I cook.  In the folders are favorite foods (Husband: steak, chocolate pudding and ice cream), allergies and dislikes.  It’s the dislikes that get me because they aren’t all the organized.  It’s more like I have a list of foods that people in my life dislike and I have to match the food to the person.

The list reads like this:

Peas, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms.

The list to match it with is this:

My friend S, my cousins E & M, former roommate K, my bestie C. and myself. Happily, I know which one goes with me (cilantro).

Of course, this is only a problem when I’m making big dinners or when I’ve invited someone to dinner and can’t remember their dislike.  All of which is to say that what I made tonight for dinner definitely fell in the dislike category for someone as it was almost entirely pea- based.  Luckily, I know it’s my friend, S., who hates peas.  So while I encourage all of you to head over to Smitten Kitchen to check out this pea pesto recipe, I will say that S., if you are reading this,  avoid it at all costs.

It was really delicious.  Thanks to my friend R. for posting it on facebook.  I didn’t bother taking photos because Smitten Kitchen’s photos put mine to shame.  Trust me when I say, go and make this tonight.  It was so, so good. Light but satisfying and it tastes like summer in a bowl.  Unless you hate peas in which case, it will not taste like summer.  It will taste terrible.

3 thoughts on “Food Preferences

  1. OK: Here’s the list for me – next time you feed me (LOL!): There are very few foods I do NOT like or CANNOT ABIDE the taste of:

    Carraway seed
    Green olives (of any kind – I like black ripe olives only!) (I love EVOO, though – go figure!)
    Cilantro – just another word for soap, to my taste buds!
    Anise flavoring of any kind. I get physically ill even at the site of black licorice!

    Other than that, have at it! I’m ready with my fork and spoon – and a knife if I need one!

    You can file that in Paula Tohline Calhouns dislikes. My likes are everything else! (Except, probably, insects or worms prepared for eating on purpose, I’ve never tried them, and I don’t really want to. If pressed, I might take a bite, or if starving to death, probably, but. . .)

  2. Were peas the thing that we spent forever trying to match with a person? Because there was one food that we kept getting stuck on and everyone we asked would be all “no, I eat that”. I remember it well.

    I eat peas. My mother only does so under protest.

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