Evolution of a Dinner

4:45pm:  I don’t feel like cooking.  Sigh.  I have nothing planned because it’s Friday and inevitably, in my meal planning I’m out of ideas by Friday so I plan nothing, thinking I’ll add something in later on in the week but never do which often leaves me in this predicament.  Ok, going simple- husband won’t be home for dinner- pasta with butter and cheese.  Excellent.

5:00pm: Pot of water on to boil.  Open fridge and survey.  Cheese?  Check.  Uh-o.  Mushrooms about to go bad.  Cherry tomatoes.  Onion, garlic. Maybe I should use all of this.  Then it won’t be simple pasta.  Sigh again.  Hate wasting food.

5:15pm:  Chop onion, garlic and mushrooms.  

5:17pm:  Olive oil in pan, onions in.  Realize that the pan is likely too small for this endeavor.  Feel cranky and decide to go with it so there are fewer dishes later.

5:20pm:  Garlic and mushrooms in pan. Salt boiling water.  Wonder if maybe I should add the spinach so that we have something green.  Decide against it due to the size of the pan and feeling like a kid who doesn’t want to be healthy.

5:30pm:  Open pantry door and realize there is not enough mini-ziti to make a meal.  Get grumpy.  Realize it’s my own fault since I’m the only one who cooks.  Realize that this does not make me feel better.  Peel crying toddler off my legs.  Take out spaghetti and make do.  Put spaghetti into boiling water.  Fight with induction burner as it turns off- why?- and stir the mushroom mixture.

5:35pm:  Add some butter to mushroom mixture.  Debate adding sherry.  Decide against it.  Quarter cherry tomatoes.  Throw ones that are rotted or mushy into disposal.  Give cranky toddler a cracker in response to her repeated statement, “ak-er.  ak-er.”  Laugh when she eats it and then starts repeating, “akk, akk.” Realize she is quacking because the duck book is in the kitchen.

5:40pm:  Decide that while sherry wasn’t the right flavor, the mushrooms need…..something.  Drop a splash of sweet Marsala wine to the mushroom mixture.  Stir spaghetti.  Add cherry tomatoes to mushroom pan.

5:42pm:  Place parmesan cheese into mini-food processor and grind.

5:47pm:  Drain spaghetti.  Check mushroom mixture.

5:48pm:  Put spaghetti back into pot and add mushroom mixture.  Mix.  Get more cranky because it would have been better with ziti.  Add slightly more butter and the cheese.  Mix.  Taste and decide it doesn’t need salt or pepper.

5:50pm:  Sit down to dinner that started as pasta with butter and cheese and admit that this was probably better.

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