Hot. Hot. And Did I Mention Hot?

It is hot, as you may have guessed by the post title.  100+ degrees and humidity.  It’s too hot to sit by the pool- it’s almost too hot to sit IN the pool. Sadly, despite the heat, all I want is soup.  Go figure.

So what do you make when it’s this hot?  When what you want is soup?

Cold soup.  Head over to The Hungry Hippo for some no-stove soup ideas and other no-heat or minimal heat suggestions.

I chose to make both the gazpacho and the cucumber avocado soup.  I didn’t document the gazpacho but here’s my finished product (the Hippo’s was much prettier).

I did document (sort of) the cucumber soup.  Start by peeling and seeing the cucumbers.  I do this by peeling and then cutting the cucumber in half and then down the middle of each half.

Then I use a spoon to scrape out the seeds.  Kind of like you scrape out the seeds of a melon when you’re breaking it down.

Chop up everything and put it in the blender.

Add the liquids (oil, yogurt, etc) and blend. 

Pour into a container so that you can chill it.

I will admit that cold soup is not really what I had in mind AND that whenever I use a blender I always think milkshake or smoothie so it’s odd to have something savory as a result.  However, both these soups are delicious!  I’m hoping the husband thinks so as well since we’ll be eating them for the next few days.

OK, back to melting.

4 thoughts on “Hot. Hot. And Did I Mention Hot?

  1. Gazpacho is a favorite of mine! I make it when all the ingredients are fresh from the farmer’s market – as I don’t have my own garden. Your photo, however, is VERY DIFFERENT from my own. First of all, I use a food processor and not a blender – because my G’cho is very chunky. Fresh tomatoes, onlions, cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, celery, Spicy Hot V-8, garlic, tabasco, (sometimes avocado sliced on top with the sour cream,), carrots – whatever veggies go with my mood. I always top with a dollop of (fat-free) sour cream (sort of like borscht). It is a fabulous high-fiber, high vitamin and mineral, low calorie, and almost fat-free (except for the good MUFAs in the avocado) meal. Wonderful!

    • Mmm, sounds lovely! I think gazpacho is one of the most versatile dishes out there- can’t really make it badly!

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