My Week Away

I had a wonderful five days, taking my daughter to visit one of my very best friends and my cousin.  It was fantastic.  We laughed, relaxed, played, saw and touched some unique animals at a nature center (including a chinchilla (soft!), a toad (bumpy!), a snake (smooth!)  and a hedgehog (spiky!)) and ate well.  SO well.

First, we visited with The Hippo, one of my best friends. She served us leftover strata which was so good as leftovers, I can’t even begin to imagine how good it was as breakfast. Then she made us meatball subs with provolone, so cheesy, gooey and delicious. Finally, we had a bread salad and garlicky romano beans.  I can’t even begin to tell you how good it was but I will say that it’s on the menu for tomorrow night here.  It was that good.

Bread Salad with white beans and the garlicky romano beans. So good.

Then, we bid a sad farewell to the Hippo and made our way to my cousin’s house. She, her husband and two boys entertained my darling daughter to no end.  Baby G. adores both her cousins, A. and M., and she had a great time trying to keep up with A. and playing with M.  We ate well there, too, including a lovely dinner out at an Asian place and fabulous homemade chicken soup and curry chicken salad sandwiches.  Remember?  I’ve been craving soup?  There’s nothing like homemade chicken soup.  For dessert?  An amazing cake from a place in their town, Susan Lawrence.   Very yummy.

So yummy. So decadant. So chocolate.

As a result, I’m making homemade chicken soup tonight and will make curry chicken salad and bread salad over the next two days.  Nothing like a repeat of meals that were good.  Of course, without the company, it’s not the same.  But it’s close.

Soup in progress

Stay tuned for the recipes over the next few days.

Oh?  And some great news came my way this week as well.  I promise to post about it soon because, of course, there will be a food celebration!

Also?  I left with many gifts (all of them “belated” birthday ones), including cool grow-them-yourself-marbles, a tablecloth and a new fry pan.

Oooh, so pretty! I'm lucky.

1 thought on “My Week Away

  1. What a grand vacation! Sounds like it could be a “Fodor’s Restaurant Gourmet Tour of Stella’s Family’s Kitchens! – Wth an optional special side trip to a fine local restaurant and bakery.”

    Glad you had fun. Even though I can’t eat the bread (because I couldn’t stop), I would love to have the bread salad recipe – one of my favorite things. I could enjoy it vicariously, just looking at the ingredients!

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