Organizing (Part II)

I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones, the end of summer frenzy or what but I spent a good hour yesterday cleaning out and organizing the pantry.

Why, yes, those are labels telling me what's in each basket. Why?

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do since our housemates moved out in June.  They were lovely girls but, man, did they own a lot of condiments!

Now, since it’s just the two of us adults, we have a better shot at keeping things neat.  I hope.

I also realized just how much food we have.  I have a big bag of canned goods to donate to a local food bank since it’s stuff I’ll never use (I didn’t buy it- the ramifications of having housemates!).  I also now have a good mental inventory of what we have so that I won’t buy double.  Beans, for example, are something that is well stocked.  I can stop buying cans, “just in case.”

Up next?  Organizing the tupperware!


4 thoughts on “Organizing (Part II)

  1. I just organized my freezer and discovered that I have at minimum 2 full packages of hot dogs. WTF? No more buying hot dogs for me.

    Good luck with the tupperware. That stuff is like socks. I have so many things without a partner and I just bought a new set about a year ago and got rid of lots of my old things. But still, things disappear. What happens to them?

  2. I know. It’s like the sock in the dryer. I also seem to have several packages of hotdogs and considering I eat about two a year, I’m not sure why that is!

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