So, thanks for voting!  We ended up eating squash soup, homemade challah and a yummy pear-feta-balsamic salad that K. brought with her.  We also had this pumpkin spice cake.  More about that in a moment.  As our after-lunch activity, we took G. to the park.  G. was delighted with K’s funny faces and driving of her car/stroller thing.

I also made everything I was supposed to this week, according to my plan, and have some thoughts.  It’ll be a mix of quick recipes, links and opinions today….  My grandmother would write her notes on the recipes in her cookbooks.  Think of this as my way of doing that, just using technology.    But, starting from most recent, let’s talk about lunch yesterday.

The soup was good, as always.  As was the challah, which I’d heated up on Friday night since I’d forgotten to defrost it the day before.  It was good.  Must make more today as I am now out of loaves in the freezer.

The salad was delicious.  It’s K’s recipe and this particular day’s salad came with an amusing story which involved a second trip to the grocery store, an abundance of feta and an analysis of the cleanliness of her kitchen floor (result?  Far, far cleaner than mine!).  But I’ll let her tell that either on one of her blogs or in the comments.  Anyway, it’s lettuce, a sliced pear, feta cheese and balsamic dressing.  A combination I’d never put together on my own, but when she did, the results were wonderful.  The crunch and sweetness of the pear, along with the sweetness of the balsamic were offset nicely by the tang and creaminess of the feta.  Mmmm.

The pumpkin spice cake was also good.  I did realize, as I made it, while talking on the phone with the hippo, that I probably should have just made my pumpkin bread recipe and baked it in a cake pan, since I left out the pineapple, currants, and coconuts that the recipe wanted.  I just  couldn’t get behind fruit in my pumpkin cake.  All the reviews of the cake admitted that most felt it was an odd addition to the cake but that it worked.  I don’t trust these people and I don’t like coconut.  At any rate, my cake was yummy.

As for last week?  Well, if you recall, I had planned lettuce wraps and fried rice, a ricotta frittata, avgolemono, broccoli and cheddar soup, and crockpot pasta and beef.  The verdicts?   The lettuce wraps were great, as expected.  The ricotta frittata was also a big hit- the ricotta added a nice tang and depth to the eggs.  The avgolemono was not as well received.  I’m not sure if I made it wrong or if it’s just tastes that I don’t like together.  I’d try it again, but probably only in a restaurant or made by someone’s Greek grandmother.  That way I can see if it was me or the recipe.  The broccoli soup was good but I now have a ton left.  I may freeze some and see if I can turn the rest into a pasta/chicken casserole.  Stay tuned for that experiment.

The pasta-beef recipe made everyone but my daughter happy.  My husband and in-laws loved it, I thought it was tolerable and G…..refused it  Vehemently.  I may be raising a bit of a semi-vegetarian, which is fine with me but makes my husband nervous (he’s a steak and more steak guy).    It wasn’t bad- if I make it again, I’ll likely make it with chicken or turkey.  To me it was a cross between a chili and a pasta sauce.  It was good with cheddar cheese on it.

So, consider my cookbook notes updated.  Up this week?  Recipes from Crockery Cookbook, Legal Sea Foods Cookbook and America’s Test Kitchen….  I’ll keep you posted.


1 thought on “Verdicts

  1. In case anyone cares, I opened the container of crumbled feta and immediately upended the entire thing onto the floor. The container fell on top of the cheese, and I had a brief moment of, “I could get a piece of paper, slide it under and… I haven’t washed the floor this week. There’s no way.” (If it had just been a salad for me & J? Totally would have used it.) So I swept up the feta and went into the fridge for more…..and there was none. So I had to go to the grocery store and the lady who rung me out was all, “Weren’t you just here yesterday buying this?” (Small town living at its finest.) So I added the feta to the salad in the parking lot of the grocery store, then tossed the container. This is not the weirdest thing that’s happened in that parking lot, I’m sure of it.

    Also, is it wrong that I came home and tried to convince J that the squash soup was actually just cream of onion with a little bit of squash in it for color to keep it all for myself? This probably puts me in the category of bad wife, right? (I let him have the pumpkin spice cake immediately, which he loved. So I can keep the soup, right??)

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