Food Fun

At work this week someone asked me, “So what’s your Halloween menu going to be this year?”

I had no response.  The truth is, I had completely missed the fact that it’s October.  I mean, I’d written the date a zillion times but had not connected it to the actual month, if that makes any sense.  I’ve been spending so much time with my head down, barreling through all that needs to be done that I forgot to remember that it’s October.

You see, October is a month filled with significant dates for my family.  It’s the month in which my mother’s friend was born, the month in which one of my cousins was born and the month in which that same cousin’s father passed away.  October is the month in which, four years ago, I got married and the month in which, twelve years ago, my grandmother passed away.  Needless to say, October always comes with mixed emotions for us.

But October is also Halloween, one of my favorite food holidays.  You can see my past Halloween menus here and here.  I love food that looks like something else or food that creates a mood or setting.  So after my co-worker asked me, I started to wonder what I would do this year.  Last year the baby didn’t really appreciate what I was doing.  This year, she still won’t but she’ll be able to help make it (thanks to my in-laws who just purchased me a version of this).

So I sat on the sofa last night and browsed Martha Stewart.  Full disclosure, I dislike Martha because she makes me feel inadequate.  Nonetheless, I found some great recipes to try this year and the husband got in on the act as well.  He was sitting next to me on the sofa and got sucked into the pictures.  This year we’ll be trying Eyeball Soup, Spiderweb Eggs, and worms in dirt.  I’m not sure about dessert yet.  These Zombie Rising Cupcakes look cool but seem to be an awful lot of work.  Maybe we’ll try some eyeball cookies or cupcakes.

At any rate, expect a post sometime after Halloween to discuss how this all went down.  Here’s hoping for spooky, fun and delicious!

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