A Day Late

Oh, was it Valentine’s Day yesterday?  It was?  Oh dear.

Well, better late than never right?

(Just kidding.  I knew it was.  It’s my mother’s birthday so I never miss it.  I just didn’t post about it.)

So, for dinner I made the lovebirds featured on Lady Gouda (and while I wanted to get it together to make the yummy looking whoopie pies she posted, I just couldn’t.), Alton Brown’s Stovetop Mac and Cheese (so that both the husband and the toddler would be happy) and some sautéed spinach with garlic (so that I would be happy).  All of which was yum.  I had also wanted to try the Hippo’s turtle brownies but again, couldn’t quite get it together.  But go there and read her sweet story about meeting her husband (of which every word is true, I know, I was there- even if I wasn’t at the actual bar).

For dessert, I made chocolate covered strawberries, which always look impressive but are remarkably easy.  No chocolate tempering needed (to be fair, if you were more involved about it and did temper the chocolate, you’d get that nice snap when you bit into it.  This way, there’s a crunch but not the snap.  It’s a minor difference.) but the results are always pretty and impressive.  I also made a bunch to bring to my daughter’s daycare for valentine’s week- chocolate and strawberries?  No one’s allergic to those right??!!!  Ha.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Strawberries, washed and completely dried

1/2 bag milk chocolate (or dark or bittersweet, your choice)- make it good quality, please- chips or chopped from a block

1/8 bag white chocolate chunks (optional)


Wash and dry your strawberries.  Make sure they’re really dry as any water in the melted chocolate will make it seize.  Sort of pull up on the leaves so that you have a kind of handle when you dip the strawberries.

Melt the milk/dark/whatever chocolate in a bowl in the microwave.  Start with one minute and then stir.  Even if it doesn’t look melty, stir anyway to distribute the heat.  Then move to 30 second intervals until the chocolate is smooth.  Don’t let it burn.  Yuck.

Dip the strawberries into the chocolate and then let the excess drip off.  Place on a parchment or wax-paper lined baking sheet.  Repeat until you’re out of chocolate and/or strawberries.  If you like, you can also melt some white chocolate and drizzle it over the dipped strawberries.  You could also have some nuts or sprinkles or coconut (yuck) or whatever you like next to the chocolate bowl and you could drip into the chocolate and then the other topping.  I didn’t bother- have I mentioned the two under two?!

Let them harden up in the refrigerator and then enjoy.  Let people tell you how amazing you are and just smile and nod.

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