Thank You

In case you hadn’t noticed, one of my very best and dearest friends is none other than The Hungry Hippo herself.  She’s the kind of friend I can stay on the phone with for over an hour (easily), multiple times a week, despite having very little about which to talk.  She’s the person I call when I have cooking questions.  She’s the person I call when I’m so angry I could spit and when I’m so sad I can’t breathe.  She’s also the person I call when I’m so happy and excited that I can’t sit still.

Notice I said call in all of those examples.  The sad truth is that we no longer live within walking distance of each other (though, my mother is fond of pointing out that everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.  I feel there’s a flaw in that argument but that’s another post.) and as the years pass, it seems less likely that we ever will again.  For a few years, though, we did live within walking distance- two blocks at first and then several more but still do-able and then at least we were in the same general area- and those years were good ones.  We have a history, the Hippo and I, and it’s filled with inside jokes, stories we won’t tell anyone else and at least one or two shared escapades that we don’t fully remember.  In short, I couldn’t live without her and need her to help me remember my past!

I bring this up because this year for the holidays she gave me a gift card to a famous kitchen store.  It’s a store I love, rather shamefully, because while I know it’s overpriced, I can’t help myself– I love their things.  The pots and pans!  The utensils! The linens!  I just can’t get enough.  We registered there for our wedding and I was never happier to see their trademark ribbon on packages that I opened.  My Hippo was most generous this year and I finally got around to using the gift card.

I am now the proud owner of two silpats (I can’t believe I haven’t bought these before!!) and a red cookie jar.  Red is the general color of my mixing bowls, utensils, bread and pie pans.  I also own a red stand mixer (courtesy of the Hippo for my wedding).  Red is a good color for us.

This means that I need to make some really good cookies to break in both the silpats and the cookie jar.  Any suggestions as to what kind?  I’ll have to think on it and decide later this weekend.  I’ll make them next week, so get your suggestions in now!

1 thought on “Thank You

  1. Ah well, if I can’t be in your kitchen with you and your little darlings, the least I can do is contribute to its furnishing. I wish I had a cookie suggestion, but alas, I do not. Love you.

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