Thank You (again)!

One great thing about giving birth (aside from the obvious prize of baby) is that people feel compelled to give you things.  Most of the things I’ve been given have been designed to make my life easier in that they are in the form of dinner or gift cards that will enable me to get dinner without cooking.  So I feel the need to send out a great big thank you to those people.

After a lovely visit at her home on Sunday, Kate sent me home with yummy sauce and pasta.  Everyone at home was pleased.

Also, my daughter has developed quite a crush on her older son.  So cute.

And she sent me home, not only with food, but with a beautiful hand-made blanket and elephant.  She’s so talented.

A friend from work gave me a gift card to Whole Foods and an old family friend dropped off chicken, veggies and rice yesterday.  Mmmm.

Once again, I feel totally and completely lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.  Lucky, lucky, lucky!


2 thoughts on “Thank You (again)!

  1. First of all, it’s borderline criminal that this is the first picture I’ve seen of M since his birth pictures. All signs point to CUTE. Also, please call me this weekend so we can pick a date for me to come visit. You know, before G is driving and M is dating. I am of course, insanely jealous of all these people close enough to drop by.

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