At my mother’s school, they celebrate staff birthdays.  The prior month is responsible for the next month.  Which means that my mother, as a Valentine’s Baby, needed eleven small gifties for the March birthday staff.  Of course, she turned to me.  Perfect!  I’m home and since the baby is still in the sleeping more than waking stage, I have time.  Plus, I needed to make some special cookies to fill my new cookie jar.

I turned, once again, to the Pioneer Woman and her chocolate cookies with toppings.  I’ve been wanting to try these just because they seem so pretty.  I’ll leave you to follow her recipe but will give you my illustrations.  The cookie dough is yummy- sort of a chocolate shortbread. Mix it all up and let it sit in the fridge for at least two hours.  Roll it out- I experimented with different thicknesses and decided that thinner was a bit better- and then cut out the cookies. Pioneer Woman uses rectangles, I used circles.

Bake on silpat- I was so excited to use mine!- or parchment- for about 7-9 minutes, depending on thickness.

Set up your toppings station.

Ok, so the lighting was... odd for this shot. I didn't realize it at the time.

Melt your chocolate and get to dipping.  It makes really pretty cookies this way.

These were walnut and reeses pieces.

These were m&m’s and score bars.

These were toasted coconut, sprinkles, almonds, mini-chips and peanut butter cups.

Just add pretty packaging and you have great birthday gifts!

Apparently lots of people were born in March.  Including my daughter who will be two.  TWO!  Yikes.

The best part about these cookies was that I had lots of chopped toppings left over.  So I promptly made a batch of kitchen sink cookies, to use up all those toppings.  And those went into my new cookie jar. We’re all pleased at my house.




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