Y’know, it’s not that impressive that I’m “cooking” while I’m adjusting to having two small kiddos.  Mainly because my “cooking” has been a lot of thrown together salads.  Taco salad for one, and this improvised chef’s/cobb salad for another. I’ve found, if I add enough “stuff” the husband is ok with salad for dinner.

For more yummy salad ideas, see this post over at The Hungry Hippo.  As she points out, salad is quick, easy and uses up all kinds of odds and ends from the refrigerator.  Plus, you know, healthy.

Not a bad idea for me since I go back to work in about three weeks and my maternity clothes are too big, while my regular clothes are too small. I’m pretty sure I won’t be taken seriously as a professional if I show up to work in sweats and yoga pants (my current uniform).

Perhaps if I bring the baby, he’ll be enough of a distractor that no one will notice?  Or does that also put my professionalism into question?

love the little sleep smiles.

And to be fair, here’s the lovely toddler, with her Daddy, mesmerized by her current favorite TV show.  She’s a bit obsessed.

in her hand is a little LED piggy for your keychain. she's also obsessed with this.

Cute kids, I think, and so it’s easy to see why I’m not cooking as often!  They’re awfully fun.

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