Tomorrow is my little girl’s second birthday.  It’s hard to believe.  You can read all about her first birthday here and my sappy thoughts about her here.

This year’s theme is monkeys.  She has a bit of a Curious George obsession so I thought I’d make her monkey cupcakes to take to daycare and a monkey cake for her actual birthday.  I based them on pictures I found on the internet, particularly this one.

I used this black magic cake recipe and then this recipe for the milk chocolate frosting and  this one for the buttercream.

Wafers cut in half for faces, graham sticks cut in bits for ears.

Graham cracker sticks for ears, nilla wafers for the face and mini-chocolate chips for the eyes.  All very cute.

While making the frosting I got a few shots in- this one, because, really, is there anything more gorgeous than chocolate?

And this one, of the frosting in process:

This one was because the frosting whipped up so pretty.

Here are the monkeys with ears, eyes and faces, waiting for their smiles.

Which I piped on with red buttercream.

I made a large cake using this same design.  Another black magic cake (actually the recipe made one 9 inch cake and 12 cupcakes) and then this vanilla cake.  Same frosting and same buttercream.  Two cupcakes for ears and there you go.

These may not be the most gourmet but I’m happy with them- Super G. looked at them and said “Monkey Cookie!” so I know she’ll be happy with them.

When on earth did I become old enough to have a daughter 729 and a half days old?!?!

Stay tuned for birthday photos and a sappy two year letter to G.

(I also owe Mr. M. a letter but will perhaps save it for a milestone like six months.)


2 thoughts on “729.5

  1. Hey Jordanna- didn’t youjust have a baby? I am totally impressed that you are making monkey cupcakes and writing a blog while caring for two children.

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