Kitchen Fail: Overall Fail

I know, I know, in my last post I promised to share so many things with you.  A birthday dinner, family stories and meatballs.  I was so ready!  I had a few stories from family members saved up, I had photos of my meatballs and other food and I had a whole birthday dinner planned.  But then….  disaster struck.

I’m currently cursed.

All of my food has been failing as of late.  My meatballs?  So pretty.  See:

They look good…

But they were a bit overdone and so less moist and more crunchy.  Which is not how I like my meatballs.

Then I made a bacon pasta dish that was just…so-so.

I tried to make cookies with baby oatmeal so as to add extra iron (we’re still working on the toddler’s anemia) but they were kind of odd.

The birthday dinner was pretty good but I forgot to take photos.  And then my dishwasher broke and any motivation to cook went right out the window.  So we’ve been cobbling together food from take-out, pasta and various other sources.  Last night we had BLT’s.  Tonight we’ll have Chana Masala but even this wasn’t without failure- I started it last night and got involved feeding the baby.  So I asked my husband to turn off the heat under the onions.  He turned the heat UP and everything got a bit more charred than I like.  Sigh.  I’m hoping this curse ends soon because, really, if I can’t cook, I’m not me!

At least my kiddos still make me smile.

As does this video which I’m sure you’ve seen.  I’ll leave you with it even though it has nothing to do with food.  I’m hoping to return to you in the coming weeks with stories of kitchen success.  Cross your fingers for me!


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