What I Eat When I’m Alone

See, the title sort of evokes something here, no?  Images of either stupidly easy meals (cold cereal, scrambled eggs, toast) or richly decadent and so bad for you (a pint of ice cream, pork belly) come to mind.  I will tell you, prior to having children, these images would have been somewhat spot on.  Now, it’s different.

Mainly because I am never, ever alone.  Ever.

Which, on the whole, is not bad.  In the two plus years of having my daughter (and now, my son), I have only seriously considered running away three times.  Once was this morning, when everyone (including me) was crying.  The beauty of life, though, is that time fixes everything.  Five minutes after plotting my escape, my toddler was happily playing with her playdough and the baby was snuggled in his swing, drifting off to sleep.

At any rate, these days, “alone” really means, I’ve fed the toddler and the husband is at work.  The baby eats what I eat, so to speak.  Last night, I opened the fridge and decided I was tired of snacking on Chickasauras Rex and pasta.  I reviewed the veggies I had to use up and realized I was craving something fresh and simple.  I threw it all together and came up with this, served over multi-colored couscous.

Just in case you find yourself in a similar position, I thought I’d share my process.

I chopped up garlic, onions and mushrooms and threw them into a pan to brown with a little bit of olive oil.  Medium-ish heat. 

I let that all cook down a bit and then added some halved cherry tomatoes.  I think I tossed in some salt, pepper and a splash of chicken broth (though water or wine would have worked too).  I let that all cook while I heated about a cup of chicken broth in a separate saucepan.

Once the chicken broth was boiling, I added some couscous, salt and pepper.  I covered it and took it off the heat.  After a few minutes, the couscous was ready to go, just needed a little fluff with a fork.

I added some baby spinach to my original pan and let that wilt down.

I threw a little more salt on for seasoning and then dished it up over the couscous.

I have to say, it was perfect.

Ok, back to the two reports left, the two crying children and the two turkeys in my yard.  Sigh.


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