Four Months (and a little)

Once again, not a food post.  Indulge me, won’t you?

Dear Baby M.,

What can I say?  It’s been four months since your slightly dramatic arrival and I feel like you’ve been with us forever, while at the same time, I feel like you were just born.

When I was pregnant with your sister, I was worried about the unknown.  When I was pregnant with you, I was worried about what was known. What would it be like to have a boy?  What would it be like to have a family of four?  How could another child possibly be as wonderful as my first?   I needn’t have worried- you are just as perfect as I could possibly want.

Since you’ve joined us, you’ve been mellow, calm and snuggly.  I feel like you’ve started to smile and “talk” a lot sooner than your sister did and I know that you are just as happy, if not happier.  You are almost always smiling-grinning, really- and these days you’re chatting with anyone who will look at you. Your smiles started in your sleep, when you were just a month and a few days old.

You’re holding up your head and you prefer to stand if possible.  Or to sit in your bumbo even though you’re just barely old enough for it.   You sleep well, you eat well and you are just so very interested in what’s happening around you.


Your sister adores you and you her.  I’m sure this will not last but for now, she’s the one that can make you smile if you’re crying, perk up and talk if you’ve been quiet and she’s just the one who generally holds your attention.  She loves to “help” feed you, burp you and hold you.  She often says, “G, hold ‘dat” when she wants to hug you.

Sometimes she’ll lie down next to you and direct me to “take a picture.”

And how do I feel about you?  I’m a little bit stunned, to tell you the truth, at how much I love you.  I sort of thought it wouldn’t be as special, the second time around.  I was so, so wrong.  I love and adore my sweet little boy in a way that is completely the same and completely different from how I love and adore my sweet girl.  I don’t have as much time to sit and snuggle with you (and you are just a big snuggle bug) so when I do, it’s that much more precious.

Thank you for joining our family, my darling boy.  You’ve already taught me how much more love my heart can hold- it seems perhaps an infinite amount- and how much fun it is to be a mother of “two under three”.  I can’t wait for you to be even more interactive.  I’m looking forward to getting to you know even more.  (But don’t rush- I feel like you’ve already grown so much!)  I love you, sweet, darling, amazing little boy, so much more than I thought I could.  Thank you.



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