Kitchen Fail: Father’s Day Edition

You guys, I know.  I KNOW, ok?  I’m not posting, I promise I will and don’t. Then I come back, ask for forgiveness and promise to post more often and then I don’t.  I offer you teasers about what I’m cooking, promising to tell you more about it “soon” and then I’m gone for weeks at a time.  I’m like the ultimate Bad Boyfriend.

Please don’t quit me yet.

I offer you today a kitchen fail.  I have no real fix for it, just wanted to tell you about something that didn’t work in my kitchen.  But I offer it to you with a promise:  tomorrow I will post a delicious, healthy, awesome for summer salad.  No lie, I made it for dinner on Tuesday and then had it for lunch on Wednesday.  I will have it for you, with photos tomorrow.

I promise.

Meanwhile, I had this great meal planned for my husband for father’s day.  His favorite foods- steak, roasted potatoes, green beans.  All pretty simple and easy to make- nothing new, sort of his favorite dinner standard.  What could go wrong, right?

Well, it started with the lack of soy sauce.  I couldn’t do my usual marinade.  Then, I was distracted by the toddler while making a different marinade and it ended up far too salty.  Then I overcooked the steak.  And forgot to add garlic to the potatoes.  Sigh.  At least the green beans were good.

Lest the husband think I was passive-aggressively cooking, I made a good dessert.  Granted, a great deal of it was purchased but whatever.  I got points.

Pound cake with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream.  No fail.  Really.

Sigh.  You can’t win them all, huh?


1 thought on “Kitchen Fail: Father’s Day Edition

  1. We didn’t have garlic in the potatoes when I came did we? Did they need garlic? I don’t think they did!

    Of course, when I was there the steak was perfect. You may not be able to win them all, but as long as you win when I visit, I’ll be happy 😛

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