Visit to Maine

Earlier in the summer we managed to take an overnight trip to Maine.  We brought the kids and visited a relative who was nice enough to take us to the beach.  Sadly, the weather did not cooperate and it was cold and rainy.  It figures, in a week of heat-waves and above average temperatures, the one day we wanted to visit the beach, it would be cold!  Nonetheless, the toddler had a great time and didn’t want to come in, despite her lips being blue.

Sadly, this was our beach day. Poor planing on our part!

I also managed to get one of my favorite summer meals, a lobster roll.  Now, historically, my mother is the queen of lobster rolls.  She makes it her mission every summer to try all the places who boast, “Best Lobster Roll”.  Her list of sampling is impressive.  I’m pretty sure she’s never gone as far up in Maine as we did but the one I had was pretty good.

We stayed in the Bath, Maine area, at a lovely hotel with a pool and a playground nearby.  The baby enjoyed his first swing experience.  He quite liked it.

I found my lobster at a little take-out shack.

The toddler loved the statues in front, which were quintessential Maine.

She also enjoyed the little buzzer which told us when our food was ready.

When it buzzed and lit up, the toddler was delighted.


I loved my lobster bisque.

And my lobster roll.

I was nice enough to share my whoopie pie.

She even saved me a bite or two.

Some of us slept through dinner.  Which was ok since some of us don’t eat much yet.

Despite the cold and rain, it was a perfect overnight family trip.  We saw someone we love and don’t get to see often, and I got to lobster.  In two different forms.  What more could I want?!

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