A (brief) Tour of NYC- Foodie Style

This week marked a* historic occasion (not just that Julia Child would have turned 100 years old):  my husband and I went away for a night without our children for the first time ever.  That’s right, it’s been more than two and a half years since our last “adults only” vacation.  This was due to a number of factors, not just my lack of desire to leave my babies.

We had a great time.  We ate well, drank well and caught a great show.  I’d seen it before but knew as soon as I did that my husband would love it.  He did.  It was so much fun- we packed a lot into the 24 hours we were away.

We started with lunch- we were staying on the border of Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen.  So we walked a few blocks over to Totto Ramen.  However, the line was way too long and we were far too hungry to wait.  So, next time.  Instead, we went to Vynl, which was a really cute diner/bar that featured awesome food and fun decor.  Each restroom was named for a star from a different area of music- Elvis, Dolly, Nelly and Cher.

Each restroom had one wall which was a mosaic of the star:

As well as a diorama of the star:

And there were more of those dioramas all around, representing music stars including Biggie Smalls, The Beatles and Britney Spears.  Plus, the tables were mosaics as well- some designs, some characters.  This one we took for my daughter as she is currently obsessed with Curious George:

But enough about the funky decor.  Let’s talk about the food.

It rocked.  (hee-hee.)  We ended up ordering lots of smaller things off the menu.

Sweet potato fries:

Meatball sliders with ricotta:

Billionaire’s Bacon:

And my husband’s favorite, Little Madame Hams (a play on croque-monsieur):

He loved those so much that as soon as he tried one, he ordered another plate of them.  To be fair, there were only three on each plate but still, that was some seriously good food.

Tell me this is not the face of a happy man?

Bacon in one hand, little madame ham in the other, Jack & Coke in front of him…. this was blissful.

After we rolled ourselves back to the hotel and rested (all that eating was hard work), we got ready for the show and headed out to dinner beforehand.  We tried another place in Hell’s Kitchen, Marseille.  It was lovely- bright and colorful with attentive (but not too attentive) waitstaff  and yummy food.  I started with a Peach Bellini Martini.

I ordered off the Restaurant Week menu and it was delicious.  I started with the Heirloom Tomato Salad with Ricotta Sorbet.  It gorgeous to look at and so balanced and perfect to eat.  The tomatoes were soft and warm and paired nicely with the tangy-sweet of the cold sorbet.  I could have eaten a whole bowl of it and made it my main course.

I then moved on to the cod with summer bean ragu and kale two ways. We were so excited to eat that I forgot to take pictures first. By the time I remembered, this is what was left:

The beans were creamy and perfectly cooked.  The kale (which I don’t love) was prepared crispy as well as sautéed.  Both were delicious.  The fish was cooked just right and had a lovely crust.

My husband had steak (big shocker there).  He was a fan and didn’t even use the béarnaise sauce because the steak was that good solo.

For dessert I had the frozen chocolate mousse with mint ice cream.  The mint ice cream took a second to get used to as it was real mint (not the mint flavoring that we’re all used to) and therefore somewhat sharper tasting than one might expect.  It was delicious when paired with the mousse, offsetting the sweetness of the mousse nicely.

Once you removed the meringue cookie you were rewarded with a pool of chocolate ganache.

Obviously, it was awful as evidenced by my plate:

We waddled out of there and walked- slowly- to the theater.  We had a great time and perhaps the best part of the trip was the next morning.  We were able to sleep a little later than usual, without anyone sleeping with us.  We woke up refreshed and hit Amy’s Bread, another local shop, for breakfast.

In the end, we actually went across the street to a diner for some eggs first and then returned to Amy’s to pack up a box of goodies which we brought home with us.  No photos of those, because we snacked on them while driving home.  Rest assured they were delicious and I would recommend Amy’s bread, cookies, sticky buns and other assorted goodies to anyone who loves sweets.

After two days of decadence, we returned home to celebrate Julia’s 100th with another evening of indulgence.  More to come on that one.

*I really wanted to type “an” historic but apparently both are correct.  Thoughts?

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