Six Months (And A Little More)

Once again, a sappy letter is below.  It’s to my six month plus son.  No food in this post, unless you count the food he’s just started eating (rice cereal!  mashed banana!  squash and sweet potato!  Yum!).  Thanks for humoring me.


Dear Baby M.,

Would you mind explaining to me how you’ve managed to go from this:

Or even this:

to this:

in just six months?  You see the difference?  The first two photos are of a baby.  The last one is of a little boy.  Seriously, dude, slow down.

All kidding aside, I do feel like your babyhood is going by much more quickly than your sister’s did.  My heart aches each day when I look at you and see how much bigger you’ve gotten seemingly overnight.  My heart sings each day as I watch you interact with your world- learning, exploring, trying new things (you’ve recently realized that you can roll to get around.  I suspect you’ll be doing some kind of modified crawl pretty soon. Seriously, slow down!).  If your sister could make you crawl, she would.  She’d really like you to be able to play with her a bit more (though, I suspect once you can take her toys, she’ll want you to play just a little less).

Oh just wait, Mama, they seem to say. Just wait until we’re slightly more mobile. You’re in for it then!

You are, if it is possible, even more laid-back, easygoing and happy than your sister was at your age.  You are constantly smiling- grinning is more like it- and laughing at everyone and everything.  You cry when you have a reason- hungry, tired, wet, poopy- but once we fix the reason you’re mellow as can be.  You light up and do a full-body wiggle when you see the people you love- mummy, daddy, OGWO but most especially your sister, G.  She makes you the absolute happiest.

You’re also a champion sleeper- at least as far as sleeping goes in this family.  You can fall asleep without nursing and you’ll sleep for several hours at night in your own crib, in your own room.  Your father and I remain amazed at this and will sometimes sneak in, just to watch!

Little boy of mine, I never knew I could love another child the way that I love your sister.  Oh, but I do.  You are so different and so wonderful at the same time.  I had all kinds of misgivings about having a second child, having a boy and none of them had to do with you.  They had to do with me and my own limitations and shortcomings but now that you’re here?  I can’t imagine my life without you.  Your smile, your laugh and your grippy, pinchy hugs that hurt but hurt with so much love.   I adore your sweet potato face- the one you make when you eat them- and your snuffling sound that goes with it.

I adore your smell, your hands, your face, your laugh, your sharp little nails (no matter how often I cut them!), your soft hair….

My darling boy, I simply adore every little thing about you.  I was a fool to worry that I wouldn’t have enough of me to go around- my heart has expanded and continues to expand to hold both you and your sister tightly within it.

I am so blessed to be your mama.  Thank you for being you.  I can’t wait to see what the next six months brings.  I love you to pieces.



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