A Busy Few Weeks

I know, I know.  I got all this great press from my Julia Post, added a few more posts, including a Rosh Hashana post and then…….     nothing.

What can I say, you guys?  It’s been extremely busy here.  We’re adjusting to the work/school/other work/daycare/even more work schedule.  It’s killer.  I think this photo sums up my life these days quite nicely:

There’s been work, school and all kinds of things to keep us busy.  Including a trip to the zoo:

The best part of these busy days is that we’ve had a number of large family get-togethers, along with several houseguests.  Which means lots of yummy dinners, lots of laughter and tons of family love.  Our most recent guests were five from my Israeli family.  They stayed with my mother which meant that my mother was our guest for an evening (she gave her condo to them to use)- which delighted my daughter who was so. excited. that her OGWO* was downstairs when she woke up.

I cooked two of the nights they were here and then we ordered pizza the last night.  I’m no fool.  But look at us.  So many of us!!

There’s actually more of us that didn’t make it into the shot. I love that everyone is smiling.

I made lots of old favorites and even a new quinoa dish of my own devising.  Mostly it was corn, peppers and some other veggies sautéed and then added to the quinoa.  Not bad.  Sort of a quinoa succatash kind of thing.

The guests all brought gifts for us (me).  I can’t wait to try stuff from both of these cookbooks.  Someday.  When I have time again.

This was from a dear friend of mine, who I haven’t seen since grad school, oh, eight or so years ago. She came to visit with her partner who is wonderful and it was just as though no time had passed. I love that.

Along with the cookbooks were some yummy treats.

Both of these were put to good use, one on toast and the other as the filling for this chocolate peanut butter cake:

This past weekend, I took my kids up to NH to see my oldest friend and her kids.  We hit up a pumpkin festival:

Which led to pumpkin bread:

Which is all to say that I’m so sorry I don’t have any good recipes or stories for you right now.  I’ve been cooking- I even made up a cornbread hash served with a side of billionaire’s bacon- and photographing but just haven’t had time to do the actual writing.  I feel like this happens every fall.

That said, I will leave you with this:  go get the last of summer’s corn and make corn broth right now.  Then make a yummy corn chowder (lady gouda’s and the hungry hippo’s).  It will be well worth it.  Trust me.  The broth (to which I added a little carrot and celery while it cooked and then strained it all out- you could just use the corn) was sweet and light and it made such a difference in the soup.  The delicious, delicious soup, which was so good, I don’t even have a photo.  It’s all gone.  But it was good.  So good, in fact, that I want more right now.  Even though I’m full.

Just go make it.  You’ll thank me.


*O Great Wise One.  It’s a long story.


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