Happy Halloween 2012

Around here we’re recovering from Hurricane Sandy.  We were lucky- we didn’t lose power, no trees came down and our basement is only mildly damp.  Others weren’t so lucky- I have friends both near and far without power and with no hope of it returning for some time to come.  Wherever you are, I hope that you are safe, dry and ready to celebrate Halloween.

For some scary food ideas, try these posts from my Halloweens past:

Halloween: Eyeball Cupcakes, Ghastly Ghosts (potatoes), Green Gruel with Eyeballs, Mummified Meatloaf

Scary Dinner: Carrot Fingers, Frankenpeppers, Tarantula Cookies

Halloweeeen: Ghastly Ghosts (cookies)

Scary Dinner 2:  Blood Soup with Eyeballs, Pumpkin Grilled Cheese, Spiderweb Eggs, Worms In Dirt

Halloween Snacks:  Vampire Apples, Cheezy Monsters, Owl Cupcakes


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