So here’s the thing…..

For all of you who check back once in a while to see what we’re up to and for those of you who check more regularly, thank you for doing so.  I feel so grateful that you haven’t given up on me yet.  I also feel a bit guilty as I have totally failed you.  I have so many posts photographed and half-written (some in wordpress, some just in my head) with so many stories and thoughts and….  nothing. 

It has been an absolute crazy time here.  So much work, so many kid responsibilities, so many days where I turn around and it’s suddenly 10pm.  What can I say?  This is my (and so many others’) reality!

So instead of a recipe, I will leave you with a few teaser photos of what’s to come when I do actually have the time to write. 


Home cooked spring rolls, dumplings and noodles


Yummy, mayo-free chicken salad


Cape Verdean Stew- made without a true recipe!

I promise to come back soon- hopefully next week when I have a few days off for Thanksgiving- and tell you about all of these wonderful things.  As well as add in a 9 month letter to my son (NINE MONTHS.  I do not remember approving this!) which is only slight overdue and may turn into a 10 month (TEN MONTHS!) letter. 


Until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I wish you safe, peaceful times with those you love, along with delicious food and full stomachs. 


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