‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

So many of you are preparing tonight.  Making pies.  Peeling potatoes.  Brining turkeys.  Not me.  It’s my husband’s year to pick what we do for Turkey Day and when he picks, we generally spend time with his aunt and her famous stuffing.  But this year our plans are slightly different- specifics are not important- and it means that I am left with the task of making a few desserts, all of which can be done tomorrow morning.

So what did I do tonight?

Went out to dinner with a dear, lovely friend.  Alone.  No kids, no husband.  Just me and a girlfriend with lots of food, drink and time to talk.  It was glorious.

The food was good, too.  We went to The Abby and, because we could, ordered all sorts of small plates to share.  I also ordered Autumn Sangria (pears, pumpkin, apples, ginger, cinnamon, spiced rum, red wine).  It was delicious.

We started with the Smoked Cod Fritters with Spicy Tarter Sauce.

Then we moved on to the fried halloumi cheese with sesame and dill yogurt.

We also tried the Lamb lollipops with goat cheese brulee, mint oil, and aged balsamic.  (Is your mouth watering yet?)

Lots of food but even more things to come, including truffle fries with roasted garlic mayo.

Finally, keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, turkey dinner dumplings with cranberry sauce.  These might have been my favorite.  I may even try to replicate them over the coming days….

Whatever you do tomorrow, I hope that it leaves you surrounded by love and good food, full bellies and empty plates.

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