9 months and a little bit more

Once again, not a food post.  A sappy, I love my children more than I can say post.  If you’re hungry, please feel free to browse the recipe index.  If it’s cold, I highly recommend the quick chicken stew or the Cachupa rica. 

My Dear, Sweet, Amazing, Darling Boy,

You are now over 9 months old and I feel like I’ve barely blinked.  You’ve now been outside in the world longer than you were hanging out inside me.  It’s so hard for me to believe but, that’s the truth.

I was a little worried before you arrived and I shouldn’t have been.  You are delightful.  I can count on one hand the number of true “challenging”moments I’ve had with you.  You are almost always smiling, laughing or full body wiggling in happiness.  I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such a wonderful baby but I’ll take it.  For the record, you and your sister are so similar, both in looks and in temperament, that I will consider myself blessed and lucky for the rest of your lives.

You are starting to do things for yourself.  You can pull yourself up on whatever is nearby and you’ve started to creep along from tall thing to tall thing.

You’re eating solid food and, oh boy, can you eat.  I have yet to find something that you won’t eat and you are willing to try everything.  Plus, you’re eager to feed yourself.

You’ve started “talking” as well- you have a particular noise you use whenever you see the cat (and it’s just like the one your sister used when she was your age) and you’re working on “ma-ma” and “da-da.”  Most of the noise you make is joyful- loud shouts and squeals of delight- when you see me, your daddy or any of your numerous grandparents.

Every single day, I discover something new about you.  Today you learned how to climb up the first step (uh-oh!), last week you learned to move from the army crawl to the full on fast full body crawl, the week before you started waving.  The speed at which you are growing is awe inspiring.  And you remain my cuddly, snuggly, warm little boy.  Your prefered place of sleep is Mama’s lap but you’ll also settle for anyone else.  Or your crib.  Or Mama’s bed.  You aren’t that picky when it comes to sleep which is a blessing.  Again, I’m not sure how I got so lucky.  I’m reveling in these snuggles now because I know, all too soon, you’ll be on the go and won’t have time to cuddle.

I remember writing to your sister like this and saying that I know that I was born to be her Mama and she was supposed to be my little girl.  I feel the same way about you.  I was born to be your mama without a doubt.  You are supposed to be my little boy- we were meant for each other.  I can’t imagine my life without you.  I’m so lucky to be your mama.

I love you little boy.


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