Just A Bit Chili

photoWhat is this you ask?  Oh, let me tell you.  This past Sunday, a good friend of mine (who has blogged here before in honor of the great Julia C.) held a chili cook-off and tree decorating party at her house.  I was not in attendance, much to my deep chagrin.  If I had been, I would have made The Hippo’s Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili which is so, so good.  In fact, I did make it this past weekend, just in case I made it to said cook-off.  As an aside- and so I can feel like I’m giving you an actual cooking tip in this post- I added just a touch of cinnamon to the sweet potatoes this time around and it was really good.  Blended nicely with the cumin and gave it a bit more complex flavor.  Yum.

Back to the above photo.  When I arrived at work on Monday morning, my friend had thoughtfully packed me samples of each of the chilis, along with cheese and sour cream.  Once again, I am surrounded by thoughtfulness.  I am so lucky.

I ate the chili (most of it anyway, I had to save some, it ended up being a lot of chili) last night for dinner.  And it was all delicious.  I favored my friends’ veggie version but there was also a TNT version (spicy with a sort of slow burn), a fruit and nut version (the slivered almonds were delicious),  and a moo cow version (lots of meat), which was the winner on Sunday.  Of course, I repaid the favor and returned to work today with clean containers (which were so cute and the perfect size!) and one filled with the sweet potato chili.

What was I doing on Sunday so that I couldn’t go?   I spent the day with the kiddos, running errands.  Including a trip to Costco in which they were as good as gold. Apparently they left all their good there because after nap, when we would have headed out to the chili contest, they were having some difficulty. Enough that we scrapped that plan and stayed home instead.  But I can’t be angry with them- below is a photo of the beginning of that Costco trip (note the empty-ish cart) but that’s the mood they stayed in the entire time.  Whew.
photo 2


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