Happy Chanukah!

I know, I know, third night of Chanukah already and nothing from me.  The truth is, we’re doing it low-key this year since we’re all so busy.  We did have the traditional latkes and brisket last night.  My daughter, who has a Curious George Chanukah book, was so excited for the latkes.  And then she wouldn’t even try one.  Shrug.  That’s 2 1/2 for you.


I did find the time to make cookies with her.

photo 1

We made these sugar cookies and then we spent time decorating them.

photo 2

My royal icing didn’t work so we ended up brushing them with simple syrup and then “dipping” them into the toppings.  Which worked well.

photo 3photo 5

My daughter picked out the cookie cutters she wanted to use- a menorah, star of David, a dreidel, a snowman, a moose (hey, it’s a cold-weather animal) and a lobster.  Yes, a lobster.  But as the hippo pointed out, lobsters are clearly Christian because, as we know, there was more than one lobster present at the birth of  Jesus. 

photo 4

Enjoy your holiday!


1 thought on “Happy Chanukah!

  1. The cookies look fantastic! I’m so glad it worked. Also, I’m starting to think it might be a good thing that she won’t eat latkes. The last thing everyone needs is more competition for them.

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