No Words

My heart is heavy tonight. I can’t speak to you about food or cooking just yet.

So often in my work I am reminded how fine a line there is between me and those I support.  How easily that line can be crossed due to unpredictable, uncontrollable events.

My heart is breaking for all the families in Connecticut tonight- those who lost children, siblings, partners, and other loved ones, those who can’t understand how someone they loved could have done such an unspeakable thing, those who will continue to be impacted by this long after the media spotlight has moved on to the next story.  I am crying for a school, a town, a community that will never be the same.

I will hug my children, parents and husband a bit more over the next few days because I am lucky enough not to be on the wrong side of that fine line.  I will be thankful and grateful for that.


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