A Tip From The Middle East

When my Israeli cousin and her family were visiting a few months ago, they taught me a neat trick which I am finally sharing with you all.

Every time I make Lady Gouda’s Elegant Fall Salad I struggle with the pomegranates.  They are so delicious and yet, such a pain in the ass to break down.  Lady Gouda de-seeds hers underwater, which helps to contain the mess but I still find it too time consuming. Enter my fabulous Israeli cousin who, in helping me make dinner one night, showed me this trick.  I will admit that there is a mess but it is minimal.

Cut your pomegranate in half.  You’ll need a bowl, large enough to catch the seeds, and a large spoon.


Turn the pomegranate half upside down over the bowl.  Then, whack it with the back of your spoon, hard. This will knock the seeds out and into the bowl.  If you use a large enough bowl and you hold the pomegranate close to the bottom of it, there will be no mess.  If you hold it a little higher, there may be some pomegranate juice that escapes.


You may end up with a little bit of the pith in the bowl but that’s easily fished out.  When you’re done, you’ll have an empty pomegranate rind…..


….and a bowl full of beautiful, ruby red seeds.


Use them as you will.  I love the above mentioned salad.

(All photography in this post is courtesy of my husband.  It’s too hard to demonstrate this technique and photograph it at the same time.)


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