Starting Off Healthy

New year, new resolutions.  What are yours?

Over the years I’ve learned to pare down my long list of “This year I’ll….” because with as many jobs, kids and responsibilities I have, that’s just setting myself up for failure.  Instead, I will often resolve to slow down, appreciate what I have (and stop wanting things I don’t), laugh more, love more and be more patient with everyone and everything around me.

This year, I’m adding losing weight (an oldie but goodie).  After having two kids in three years, my body is definitely not what it once was, nor should it be.  However, I’m getting back into working out (maybe next year’s resolution will be to complete another sprint triathlon) and would like to make sure my diet is in line with that.  Less cookies and cakes, more veggies and fresh fruit.  No big drastic changes, just enough to feel more healthy.

A good start is this soup.  It was made for me by my athletic, powerful, strong, loving and amazingly healthy friend when I was visiting her last weekend.  It’s super easy and absolutely delicious.  I’ll give you the guidelines here and share with you her secret spice which makes a big difference, I promise.

Whatever your resolutions, I hope that this new year brings you peace, joy, laughter, love and, as always, delicious food.

photo 2Healthy Soup


4-8 cups chicken broth or stock (easy tip:  it’s ok to used boxed broth if you don’t have any homemade.  No guilt here.)

2 carrots, peeled and chopped (easy tip:  use frozen carrots mixed with peas)

1/2 c-1 c peas (easy tip: use frozen)

1-2 c chopped cooked chicken (easy tip: use a store cooked chicken)

1 c green beans, washed and trimmed (i.e. ends cut off) and cut into bite size pieces

1/2-1 onion

pinch or two of rosemary

pinch or two of fennel seeds

1-2 cups cooked pasta (cook and store it separately from the soup or it will get extremely mushy)

1-2 handfuls fresh washed spinach leaves (I prefer baby spinach)

Any other veggie you have hanging around that you need to use up.


Wash, peel and chop all your veggies.  Heat the broth and add the onions, carrots, chicken, and spices.  Let this simmer for about 15 minutes and then add the peas and green beans.  Cook until the green beans are tender.

To serve, place the raw spinach leaves in a bowl. Add desire amount of pasta.  Ladle soup over it all and sit down to a big steaming bowl of healthy.  Mmmmm.

[To counteract the healthy, we made sure to eat bad for you food on New Year’s Eve, which culminated in a stop at JP Licks.  So worth it.]

photo 1

2 thoughts on “Starting Off Healthy

  1. I should actually write down my soup for you. I was told I need to make it weekly 🙂 That looks delicious and easy, too.

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