This is not a food post.  You have been warned.

Dear Not-So-Baby M.,


A year!  I can’t believe it, you’ve been with us for a year.  A year ago today, I braided my hair, took my final pregnancy, mother-of-one photo and set off for the adventure of giving birth to you.


A year that has gone by so much faster than any other.  I feel like I blinked and now you’re a year old.  Oh, but what a year!


In this year you have learned how to smile, laugh, giggle, sit up, crawl, stand, cruise around the edges of a room, almost talk and definitely make yourself understood.


You have learned how much your daddy and I love you and even how much more your sister adores you.


You adore her as well- you just light up when she’s around and talking to you.  She often speaks for you, saying, “M. wants his bottle.”  This may be why you’re only almost talking!


The two of you are like two peas in a pod- people have asked me if you’re twins.  I want to savor all of this love between you now because I’m sure it will be harder to recall it in  just a few years.  Meanwhile, the two of you get into such fun mischief together.


Beyond all of the usual lovely baby things, there is something so very special about you.  You are a great sleeper- I rock you for a few minutes at night and then you sleep in your crib for several hours at a time.  I love that you wake up and come to bed with us because you roll over and snuggle right in with me, as if saying, “Yup, alone is ok but with Mumma is much better.”- but that’s not it.  You’re a fantastic eater (you love avocado most of all) but that’s not it either.


You have what I can only describe as a kind, joyful soul.  You giggle at everything, you smile at everyone and you enjoy almost everything you do. This has been true since birth.


When you look around, it’s clear that you are taking it all in and figuring it all out.  You’re so interested in the world around you and you make people smile.  In fact, no one can resist your smile- I’ve seen you use it on grumpy strangers when we’re out and they can’t help but smile back.


And, oh, you cuddle.  You’re a champion snuggler.  Your affection knows no bounds which is lovely- most of the time.  When you start yanking on my hair (another favorite activity), it can be a bit painful but the grin on your face as you do it is almost worth it.


Oh, my darling, sweet boy.  I had so many fears and trepidations about you joining our family and all of them, every single one, has been proven wrong.  My fears were about me, not you and now that you’re here, I can see that my life would be wrong without you.  I was made to be your mumma.


I love you my amazing boy.  Happy birthday!!



2 thoughts on “One

  1. Even if he’s not food, he looks delicious! Also, sorry about not wishing him a happy birthday when I talked to you ON his birthday. I don’t like to be the kind of person that’s bad at those things, but I am.

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