First Birthday Cake

So, we were going to have a big first birthday party for our son but then Nemo (if anyone can offer an explanation as to why they named this storm after a loveable clownfish, I’d be up for hearing it) happened.  It was a lot of snow with a lot of clean-up and not a lot of places to put the snow. We ended up not having the party but G. and I made the cake for M. anyway.  It’s important to have a first birthday cake, complete with party hats, even if the party goers are your mother, father and sister.

IMG_4864I used the recipe I wrote about here, which is the same one I used for my daughter’s first birthday.  It’s a great cake and the story involves my grandmother, a cookbook author and several email exchanges.  I even got the frosting right this time!

IMG_4882(See the two little finger marks over there on the right side?  That was G., “checking” the frosting for me.)
IMG_4873 IMG_4874 IMG_4876Now, that’s how you eat cake.


2 thoughts on “First Birthday Cake

  1. Seriously, boy after my own heart! I am sorry Mother Nature conspired against us to celebrate his birthday & enjoy some cake. It looks delicious! And he was certainly “all in.”

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