Passing It Over

Another year, another Passover.  Last night we had our seder and it was lovely.  Much, much smaller than years past and while I missed those who usually join us, I was happy to have us all fit at one (ONE!) table and to have leftovers.  Last year, I got no brisket!

photo 5

I made a number of oldies but goodies. Brisket, chicken, mashed potatoes, as always.  I added a few new(ish) things to the menu, as well.

Carrots, which I peeled and chopped.

photo 1Then tossed with olive oil and salt, and slow roasted until tender.  I also roasted some cauliflower and some asparagus, just to round out the veggie part of the meal.

photo 2Apple -Matzo Kugel, which was a hit last year.

photo 3And, of course, carmel chocolate matzo.  Who can resist?

photo 4


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