Once again, not a food post.  Indulge me, won’t you?

My sweet, dear, smart, strong, smart, special daughter,

You are three.  As crude as it sounds, WTF?!  Wasn’t I just holding you for the first time, smiling down at your face through my tears of joy?  I mean, really, what is this three nonsense?

photo 5 This last year has been so wonderful.  I’ve been able to watch your language develop, your motor skills grow and your personality really come to life.  I am in awe at the delight, joy and pure glee that you find in everything.  From eating breakfast at the bakery….

photo 3to eating the pizzas we made….

photo 1to playing at the “big” playground…

photo 2You are so smart and so outgoing that I can only hope to someday match your spirit.  You adore your brother and he is the first one you want to see each morning.

photo 3It is funny to me that I couldn’t get you into that crib for more than a minute when it was yours but now that it’s his and he’s in it, you’ll take every chance you can to climb in to be with him.

photo 4I love how your little mind works.  You’re always coming out with little facts or thoughts that show me how much you’re constantly processing.  You remember things you heard, read or did months ago and will come out with them at random times.  I adore the look on your face when you’re concentrating and learning or trying something new.  Like decorating the Christmas tree….

photo 2or lighting the Chanukah candles.

photo 4You still love to “make recipe” with me.

photo 1Lately you’ve been making statements that simply melt me.  A few days ago, as we walked to the car, holding hands, you said, “Mama, I love you.  You’re my best friend.”  I wanted to cry out of sheer joy.  I know in a few years you won’t think that anymore but I am hoping that, like me and my mother, and my mother and her mother, when you’re older you’ll come back around to that line of thinking.

photo 2My sweet baby girl, I have no good words to describe how much you’ve changed my life for the better, how much more me I feel by being your mother, how much you fill me with love, joy, laughter and the sense of rightness.  My life is so much better because you are in it.  I adore you and that doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about you.

photo 5But I have to tell you, you’re growing so fast.  It’s good and correct and what I want for you and at the same time, I want to slow it down, keep you smaller for longer.  Because when you put on jeans?  You look about 15 years old to me.

photo 5My strong, smart, gorgeous, sweet, beautiful girl.  I love you so much.

Happy third birthday!!!



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