No food today. My heart is heavy and I am still crying over the horrible events of yesterday in my beloved city, during a beloved sporting event.  So far, everyone I know and love is ok.  My mother was there, across the street.  The explosion happened where she has stood, faithfully, year after year.  This year she changed spots.  I think I believe a little bit more in miracles now.  Her partner, who works for the BAA at the finish line, is also unscathed.  Once again, miracles happen.  Not all were as lucky as we were and for them, I am still crying.

In times like these, I want to focus on the amazing, overwhelming outpouring of compassion, strength and support. Here is a quick list of a few of these.  They make me proud to be a Bostonian as well as a human.

More food later this week.  For now, I want to focus on my family and breathe in our love.


3 thoughts on “Sorrow

  1. Thankful that your mother changed to a new spot this year. But filled with sorrow over this senseless tragedy. Boston has a place in my heart, too. I lived there for ten years and walked those streets so many times. Strength. Love. Peace. Resilience. Boston.

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