A Lot Like Love

Cooking, for me, is a lot like dating.  You don’t always know what you’re doing when you start but by the end, if you’re lucky, you’ve fallen in love and you’re left with something comforting and warm.  Take my friends, C. and C., for example.  They started dating and they knew they liked each other. That like quickly turned to love and soon they were living together.  Yesterday they took the next step and became engaged.  It’s a sweet love story and one about which I am super thrilled.  They’re my age and it’s a second marriage for one of them which, for me, makes it so much sweeter and more genuine.  Something about knowing what you want and getting it, makes me so happy.

Anyway, I was cooking tonight and thinking about them and realized that the food I was making was something like their story (hey, it’s a cooking blog, stick with me through the strange parallels!).  I had an idea in my head of what I was making but then I sort of went with the inspiration and ended up with such a delicious dish that I wish I had measured and photographed all the way through so that I could share it with you in more detail.  A lot like falling in love:  by the time you remember to take photos, your partner is there, on one knee proposing.  Or something like that.

Balsamic Honey Chicken


2 chicken breasts

olive oil – just enough to coat the pan lightly

butter,  just a pat or two

balsamic vinager- maybe a 1/4 cup?

honey- about 1/8 of a cup- maybe more

chicken broth- maybe 1/2 cup


Season your chicken breasts with salt and pepper.  Heat the olive oil and butter on medium high heat in a saute pan.  Place the breasts in and brown on each side.  Turn heat down to medium, add the chicken broth and cook until just cooked through.  If you have thicker cut chicken breasts, they will take longer.  Take out the chicken breasts and put them on a plate to rest.  Turn the heat back to medium high and add the balsamic and honey.  Whisk together and let it reduce until syrupy.  To be really decadent, add one small pat of butter as well.

photo 1Even more perfect for me is that I had this glorious jar of honey, just begging to be used.  It’s from Georgia and my friend C. of the aforementioned newly betrothed bought it for me when she was there.  Could it be more pretty?

photo 2Slice your chicken breasts.  Maybe more neatly and more uniformly than I did.

photo 3Return them to the pan and coat them in this amazing sauce.  Let them heat back up over low heat.

photo 4I served mine with a side of steamed broccoli and some leftover pea risotto.  It was unexpectedly delicious, warm and comforting.  Much like love.

photo 5

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